Eveline Willi

Eveline Willi has spent twenty years in English speaking countries, graduated from High School in the USA and passed the Cambridge Proficiency exam with distinction. As a translator and English teacher she has been keeping her linguistic skills up to date.
Eveline translates in native speaker competence from and to English and German. She has extensive experience in translating and proofreading of

  • private and business correspondence of all kinds
  • legal and technical texts
  • advertising material
  • websites and entire books

Erica Joos

Erica Joos translates to and from French and German in excellent competence. Thanks to her Brazilian mother tongue, she has an affinity for languages with Latin origins. Erica lived and worked in the French speaking part of Switzerland for some years. She taught French at a private school and further perfected her skills during several language studies in Paris. Her extensive experience in translating and proof reading for business and private customers covers

  • business and private correspondence
  • technical texts
  • advertising material
  • websites


Standard line of 55 characters, based on target text CHF 2.20
Technical and legal texts CHF 2.70
Surcharge for material in non-electronic form + 10 %
Proofreading based on time and effort, hourly rate CHF 80.–
Minimum price CHF 100.–
Express surcharge + 20 %

Your information is dealt with confidentially